Foam Clay Bundle

Foam Clay Bundle

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EVA foam is great for cosplaying, providing a flexible and durable material from which to make your costumes.

Our EVA foam is a cut above the commonly acquired kind, offering a smooth finish on both sides for ease of gluing your layers to provide the detailing you want. Our regular density also allows for sanding and carving, providing significant benefits for a great look and finish.

We also include foam clay, the solution to all your detailing problems! A malleable putty to start with, you can sculpt it with precision and detail to achieve all the intricacies you would like to see in the finished product.

This bundle provides a full range of EVA foam for all levels of prop or armor making. It includes:

  • One (1) sheet of 2mm EVA foam (~1m*~1m)
  • One (1) sheet of 5mm EVA foam (~1m*~1m)
  • One (1) sheet of 8mm EVA foam (~1m*~1m)
  • One (1) sheet of 10mm EVA foam (~1m*~1m)
  • One (1) container of grey foam clay (150g)